826 Valencia‘s annual report was redesigned in 2018 under my art direction.
The book needed to showcase more of the imaginative spirit that is so unique to the San Francisco nonprofit. We brought more student voices into the publication, so the audience could hear directly from students about the impact of 826 programs.

We also worked with local illustrator Sendy Santamaria to design a cover that helped highlight the enchanted forest theme of the new writing center in Mission Bay. Sendy provided vibrant illustrations throughout the book to keep the magic feeling from start to finish. 

The redesign shows 826 as an adventurous nonprofit, occupying a unique creative space in the world of  education.

Acoustic Guitar was redesigned in 2014 under my art direction.
The 25-year-old magazine was rebranded for a broader, younger audience. The design was simplified and modernized with a strict style guide and a heavy focus on imagery and players.